Friday, September 2, 2011

A Continuation....

....of another blog post. The Morton's have filled up their picture space on Morton Household Blog II, and have had to start Morton Household Blog III! Can you believe it?! It seems that every two years you can expect this to took us two years to fill up our first blog, and it has taken just over two years to fill up our second. If you would like to see the beginning of this post, please click here, then travel on over to this blog again to finish. Sorry for the confusion!

Again, click here for the beginning of this post, please.

Wrinkly little toes

Getting ready....

He flips...

....ouch. Looks like that was a back smacker.


JuneBug with his Pop-pum gathering wood for the campfire.


Peanut had just gotten sand in his mouth!

Drying off

After all that outdoor activity, it was time to do some indoor stuff, like playing with Thomas the Tank Engine!

What a ham.

Little sun-burnt Peanut

Peanut found a shoe at church. Don't think that's your style, bud. :D

Rose and Mumzie


It is so cute seeing all the different personalities show through :) (click to see better)


Vivian and Rose

A Momma and her Daughter and a Grandmum and her Grandson

Miss M.

Miss Essie

Everyone loves holding Peanut

Saying Good-byes

What a pair

One of my favorite "accidental" pictures!

Cutie JuneBug

Kids, don't try this at home :D

Well, so long Morton Household Blog II!



The Morton Maiden

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Small Glimpse...

...into our refreshing week at the family Bible conference. Nearly every day we were blessed to hear 3 sermons, each by different pastors. The first sermon of the day was on God's providence, the second on living before God with a clear conscience, and the third was on the different works of Christ (Jesus the Passover, Victor, Advocate, etc.). All of them would be great to listen to on Sermon Audio if you can! (they are not yet on Sermon Audio...I will try to link to them if I can later)

Mr. A. and Mr. D. organizing the newly-arrived food


Cooking hot dogs

Mr. W: "Yes, take a picture of me with my gloved hand" :D We had such fun people to work with in the kitchen!

Browsing the book table...for other people this is a hobby!

Game time

Everyone looks pretty serious...I guess because it was a serious game :)

Mrs. B. and her sweet baby...the youngest child ever to attend the conference at just 4 weeks old!

*sigh* wish I could hold him right now and pinch his cute little cheeks!

A fellow photographeress, albeit a much more talented one than I!

Little Miss R.

Lunch conversation
Clean up

New friends

Porch talk

Singing God's Word

Miss A. at Daddy's and Mumzie's game night

Dice...that can only mean one thing.....


Rotation, rotation

A balancing was quite the spectacle

Two very lovely gals

Don't you love it when you capture someone laughing on camera?

Capturing a group just before they are ready is just about as fun as capturing someone laughing :D

That's a bit more "normal" :)

It was such a joy to get to know you better, Miss Y.!

Two godly Mothers was so fun with you and your family at the conference!

Mrs. D. in the kitchen

....and her husband, Mr. D.
The Uconn Fan Family

Miss A.'s version of was super fun!

"I know the answer!"

"Should we choose Food for 500 or Literature for 300?"

Fewer numbers are on the wall....a sure sign that people are winning!

"You aren't taking my picture are you?" Thanks to Mr. Nick for this and a few other pictures!

Two Mr. D.s

"Pick me!"

Amuzed Mumzie

Great facial expressions


"Stay here"

Setting up for the group photo

Lots of people

Praying Mantis

I shall end with a picture of the C. family! So good visiting with you all!


The Morton Maiden